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Riva, M. Kingunza Makasi, S. Dufresne, P. Toth, M.
Energy poverty in Canada: Prevalence, social and spatial distribution, and implications for research and policy.
Energy Research & Social Science,
81 (2021) 102237.


Kimberley O’Sullivan | Researcher at Otago University


Why are our poorest paying the most for electricity?

Transgender conference sparks fierce national backlash


University of Otago, Wellington research fellow Brodie Fraser  who has done research into the discrimination Takatāpui and LGBTIQ+ people face in the hou

Students suffer as they struggle to heat cold flats

Dr Kimberley O'Sullivan speaks about her research finding students are more likely to live in damp,mouldy homes

The price of keeping kids warm at night

New study finds heating a child's bedroom at night through a Wellington winter would use up almost half the Winter Energy Payment

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