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He Kainga Oranga, the Housing and Health Research Programme, examines and clarifies the links between Housing and Health. Although the association between poor housing and ill health is known, the links that make up the causal chain have until recently been poorly understood.

Conducting our own studies and examining existing evidence enables us to identify and evaluate housing-related interventions to improve individual, family and community health. Our multi-disciplinary team has expertise in both qualitative and quantitative disciplines.

We are based at the University of Otago, Wellington. We are funded by the Health Research Council of New Zealand and Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment

Recent News

  • Women supporting women in making change to energy poverty. Dr Kim O'Sullivan and student Isobel Harris Clark both attended the same high school and are now working together as part of Isobel's summer studentship. Please Read  for more details.

  • The winter "energy poverty" and its wide public health impacts has been the major focus of Dr Kimberley O'Sullivan's research at Otago University. Please Read more about ' How are you keeping your place cool this summer?" .

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