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  • The Social Housing Outcomes Worth Study

    The Social Housing Outcomes Worth Study aims to find out how … to contact them Major Publications Include Health Impacts of Social Housing: Hospitalisations in Housing New Zealandand Wilson 2000) . There is little research on the health effects of improvements to housing. Two studies showed that …
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  • Everyone counts: Defining and measuring severe housing deprivation (homelessness)

    … widely regarded as a serious social issue, a severe form of deprivation, and a clear threat to health and wellbeing. … little agreement, however, on a fundamental matter – what the word ‘homelessness’ refers to. Different definitions are … in the literature that homelessness refers to severe housing deprivation (or a lack of access to minimally …
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  • Statistical and Policy Analysis of Large-scale Public Health Interventions

    … Nicholas Preval - PhD 2015 Background The outcome evaluation of large-scale public health interventions is an important … household level using difference-in-difference-based fixed effects models. The WUNZ:HS HIP policy comparison was …
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  • The Healthy Housing Index

    The Healthy Housing Index pilot study aims to investigate the feasibility of creating a Healthy Housing Index (HHI): an indicator of … due to housing factor(s). The Index has been modelled on the concept of the British Housing Health and Safety …
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  • Evaluation of Warm Up New Zealand: Heat Smart programme

    … Background The Warm Up New Zealand: Heat Smart (WUNZ:HS) programme began … for New Zealand households. It is the largest programme of its type in New Zealand history and represents, amongst … household. At a household level we utilised a fixed effects OLS estimator with standard errors clustered by …
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  • Secondhand smoke at home

    … for smokefree homes Exposure to second-hand smoke in the home Government and Smoky Homes: Population-Level Policy … government policies to increase the prevalence of homes free of secondhand smoke (SHS). We used three … It is dangerous at very low levels, with immediate adverse effects in healthy adults. Homes are crucial sites of SHS …
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  • A greater proportion of public housing in communities supports tenant health

    … A greater proportion of public housing in communities supports tenant health Arbitrarily limiting the proportion of public housing in new housing developments …
  • Making a home in employer-provided housing

    … Across the world, people in a broad range of professions live in housing provided by their employers. Yet little is known …
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  • Family Centred Healing

    … Ramona Tiatia - PhD 2014 This doctoral study was funded by the New Zealand Health Research Council, through the Career … study builds on Ramona's Masters thesis on the exploration of Samoan traditional healers and the importance of the … Ramona's PhD is a qualitative research study about housing, health and well-being. A central question focuses on
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  • Housing, Insulation and Health Study

    … Methods The data collection for the Housing, Insulation and Health study was carried out over the winters of 2001 and 2002. A nominal 1400 households in 7 regions …
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