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  • Rotmann, S. Ambrose, A. Karlin, B. Forster, H. Mundaca, L.
    To what extent has Covid-19 impacted hard-to-reach energy audiences? [Extended abstract].
    Proceedings of BEHAVE 2020-2021: The 6th European Conference on Behaviour Change for Energy Efficiency
    pp. 193-196
  • Crampton, P. Blakely, T.
    Health system funding is already ‘needs-based’.
    The Dominion Post

    Health system funding is already ‘needs-based’ (PDF). Dominion Post Newspaper, Tuesday March 9th 2004 . Crampton P, Blakely T, Howden-Chapman P

  • Crampton, P. Rochford, T. Matheson, A. Signal, L. Blakely, T. Thompson, G. Martin, J. Robinson, J.
    A need for Māori and Pacific doctors.
    The Dominion Post

    A need for more Maori and Pacific doctors (PDF). Dominion Post Newspaper, Thursday March 4th 2004.