This project seeks to explore the experiences of youth living in, or at risk of, fuel poverty using participatory mixed methods research conducted with youth researchers involved in all stages through questionnaire design, analysis, qualitative design, e-interviewing and dissemination of results.

Survey with Year 10 secondary school youth

In winter 2015 we conducted an online survey of 656 adolescents aged 14-16 years completed at 17 schools in New Zealand.

Email interviews with Year 10 secondary school youth

A small email interview study with participants selected based on survey results, who gave consent to be contacted was also undertaken in 2015.

Why are we doing this research? Despite evidence to suggest that many children and youth may be at risk of fuel poverty worldwide, very little fuel poverty research has been undertaken with children or youth living in cold homes. This research will contribute new knowledge to the area of fuel poverty, which has focussed on the experience of adults and pensioners. We will be offering policy recommendations based on the results of the study to improve outcomes for youth. Please contact Kimberley if you’d like to be notified when we publish our results. Our Youth Researchers presented their initial results in November last year.  You can find out more about the youth research team by visiting here:

Waiopehu College 10W Youth Researchers 2015

For more information about this study please email Kimberley O’Sullivan: