Health Status of Housing New Zealand Applicants and Tenants:

Key Indicators for 2004-2008

Research Paper

IntroductionThe Social Housing Outcomes Worth (SHOW) Study aims to investigate the relationship between housing conditions and hospitalisation rates in a large cohort of Housing New Zealand Corporation (HNZC) tenants and applicants.  The aims of this report are to:

• Report on dynamic aspects of social housing use and throughput
• Report on the demographic composition of HNZC tenant and applicant households
• Report on housing conditions and exposures relevant to health
• Provide an indication of the health status of HNZC tenants and applicants based on a set of well accepted health indicators
• Report on a sub-set of health outcomes which are likely to be most sensitive to housing conditions and potentially preventable
• Compare the health status of HNZC tenants with housing applicants and the total NZ population to identify opportunities for health     improvement
• Identify any trends of note in the above indicators.

This report adds 2008 data to the previous trend data for 2004-2007, giving a total of 5-years of follow-up time.  It also slightly updates results for previous years because some applicants and tenants have changed their tenancy status or been successfully linked to their hospitalisation data (via their encrypted NHI number).