Blitz Study

Wallace Chapman from Radio New Zealand interviews Dr. Ramona Tiatia on Sunday morning about youth aspirations for Porirua City uncovered in the Blitz study. Please Listen

Kapi Mana Feature: A Youth Vision For Porirua City (1/3) Researchers in He Kainga Oranga in association with the Dwell Housing Trust to develop an innovative fun app for the Porirua Social Sector Trial, Blitz Youth study to encourage Porirua youth to have a say in how they see the future of their city. Parents want more amenities and free/affordable programmes for children and youth in Porirua. The Porirua City Council spends 30 percent on community and leisure, according to the NZ Sustainable Cities Drivers of Urban Change report (NZ Sustainable Cities). Please Read.  PSST Tumai Hauora Report, please Read

Kapi Mana Feature: A Youth Vision For Porirua City (2/3). Blitz Study by Dr. Tiatia and her team found that young people, their parents and providers said there is a general lack of information and confusion about the types and number of services for children and youth that currently operate in the Porirua region. The Porirua Social Sector Trial drives initiatives to place Kaumatua in Family Violence Court, mobile health youth assessments for Family Group Conferences, funds hygiene products in 20 school health clinics, 50 youth placed to work in Youth2Work scheme and Iwi mentoring for year 7 and 8 intermediate students. Please Read

Kapi Mana Feature: A Youth Vision For Porirua City (3/3). A key finding of the Blitz Study was that only 28 percent of providers in the study felt that they were operating at a high standard when it came to collaborating with other agencies.  PSST drives health/education/justice inter-agency initiatives for Porirua children and youth in efforts to develop multi-purpose community spaces.  What is the Crayons to Perfume, Lego to Links programme? And, how is the old dental clinic space being used for young males transitioning from primary school-to-intermediate-to-college? Please Read