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  • Goodyear, R. Pearson, A.L. Rivera-Muñoz, G. Woodbury, E.
    Rebuilding Christchurch: A Case of the Inverse Care Law.
    In B. Bennett, J. Dann, E. Johnson & R. Reynolds (Eds.), Once in a Lifetime: City-Building After Disaster in Christchurch.
    (pp.190-198). Christchurch: Freerange Press.
  • Ruthe, C. Crichton, S.
    Habitable houses: lessons learned?
    In The Leaky Building Crisis: Understanding the issues.
    (pp 303-15). Wellington: Thomson Reuters.
  • Preval, N. Chapman, R.
    For whom the city? Housing and locational preferences in New Zealand.
    In Howden-Chapman, P., Stuart, K. & Chapman, R. (Eds.),
    Sizing up the City: Urban form and transport in New Zealand. (pp 34-51). Wellington: Steele Roberts.