Helen Viggers

B.E.(Hons), DPH, GradDipApplStat
Research Fellow

My public health research has centered around three areas:
(i) The effect of home warmth interventions on health. The interventions
examined have been those potentially feasible to reproduce on a policy
scale (insulation, sustainable heating, fuel vouchers for vulnerable people).
The health consequences examined include both objective (e.g. doctors
visits), and subjective measures (e.g. self reported wellbeing).
(ii) Household fuel use and temperature. This includes work on fuel
poverty, and drivers of fuel use as well as the spatial variation of fuel use in
New Zealand.
(iii) The factors associated with household transience, and the location of
the family dwelling. I have also done some work on homelessness.

I trained originally in engineering, and enjoy applying my quantative skills to the realm of public health. I have worked on the Housing, Insulation and Health; and Housing, Heating and Health studies; and am currently mainly working on the Warm Homes for Elder New Zealanders study.