Ed Randal

Ed is a Research Fellow at the New Zealand Centre for Sustainable Cities, working on the Resilient Urban Futures (RUF) research programme. He is currently working on the Wellington Integrated Land-use, Transport and Environment (WILUTE) model, which will characterise the interactions between internal urban processes of New Zealand’s capital city and the natural environment. He is also involved in other RUF projects, including the Activating Communities to Improve Vitality and Equality (ACTIVE) study.

As well as having an interest in sustainable urban transport, Ed is also interested in the benefits and conservation of natural capital in cities, and the development of cycling, both for transport and recreation.

Key publications

  1. Chapman, R. Grams, M. Witten, K. Woodward, A.
    A Cost Benefit Analysis of an Active Travel Intervention with Health and Carbon Emission Reduction Benefits.
    International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health,
    15, 962.