Kimberley O’Sullivan


MPH, PhD (Postdoctoral Research Fellow)
Kimberley leads the project Cool? Exploring the insights and experiences of NZ youth living in, or at risk, of fuel poverty. For more information on this study, please Click Cool? Exploring fuel poverty with youth

Kimberley’s research interests are the relationships between energy inequality (fuel poverty), energy use behaviours, energy efficiency of housing and buildings, and the interaction of these with health.

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Selected Publications:
O’Sullivan, K., Howden-Chapman, P., Fougere, G. (2015) Fuel poverty, policy, and equity in New Zealand. The promise of prepayment metering. Energy Research and Social Science, 7, 99-107.

O’Sullivan, K. C., Viggers, H. E., & Howden-Chapman, P. L. (2014). The influence of electricity prepayment meter use on household energy behaviour. Sustainable Cities and Society, 13, 182-191 DOI:

O’Sullivan K, Howden-Chapman P, Fougere G, Hales S, Stanley J. (2013) Empowered? Examining self-disconnection in a postal survey of electricity prepayment meter consumers in New Zealand. Energy Policy, 52:277-287
O’Sullivan K, Howden-Chapman P, Fougere G, Hales S, Stanley J. (2013) Kids in the cold: Outcomes for households with children using prepayment metering. New Zealand Medical Journal, 15 March 2013
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O’Sullivan K, Howden-Chapman, P, Fougere, G. (2011) Making the connection: the relationship between fuel poverty, electricity disconnection and prepayment metering. Energy Policy, 2011, 39: 733-741.

Kim’s PhD thesis, completed in 2013 is available at: