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13 Aug 2019

Lead researcher at the Housing and Health Research Programme, Kim Nathan, a PhD student at the University of Otago, Wellington, says two- thirds (69 per cent) of the more than 300,000 children studied had moved house at least once by the time they were four years old. For the details and the publication Please  Read


13 Jun 2019

Kimberley O’Sullivan, a research fellow at He Kainga Oranga Housing and Health Research Programme said her research has shown that prepay customers usually ended up paying more than they would on the open market, please read for more details.

06 Jun 2019

You can now see the presentations from the WHO International Housing & Health Guidelines: Southern Hemisphere Launch which took place on 25 February 2019 on the Public Health Summer School webpage.


10 May 2019

Congratulations to Dr Amore, who makes the homeless count, and is receiving her PhD at a graduation ceremony at the University of Otago, Dunedin on May 11. Please read for more details and more information here.

09 Apr 2019

Why don’t owners improve their homes? Results from a survey conducted by researchers from He Kainga Oranga, the Housing and Health Research Programme following a housing warrant of fitness assessment for health and safety. Please read the paper.

14 Mar 2019

Professor Philippa Howden-Chapman was invited to speak at Parliament at the 10th anniversary of  Prime Minister’s Science Prize, which He Kainga Oranga, the Housing and Health Research Programme won in 2014.

14 Mar 2019

Professor Harrison Fraker, one of the keynote speakers at the International Conference on Energy and Environment of Residential Buildings (ICEERB) held last year at the University of Otago, Wellington, was interviewed by Kathryn Ryan on Radio New Zealand’s Nine to Noon show. Professor Fraker spoke about the remediation of a neglected neighbourhood in Oakland, California where housing would have a ‘deep energy retrofit’ to turn it into an urban energy farm. Listen to the full interview.

The 8th International Conference on Energy and Environment of Residential Buildings (ICEERB) Urban Environments: Energy, Housing and Health took place on 19th – 21st November 2018 and was a great success.

You can find links to the presentations on the ICEERB website. View photo gallery.

11 Mar 2019

On 25 February 2019 the WHO Housing & Health Guidelines had their Southern Hemisphere launch as part of the University of Otago, Wellington’s Public Health Summer School. The new Guidelines bring together the most recent evidence to provide prarctical recommendations to improve poor housing conditions and relate to things like heating, crowding, and mould.

Please listen to the interview that Dr Nathalie Röbbel and Dr Lucy Telfar-Barnard of He Kainga Oranga gave on Nine-to-Noon following the Guidelines launch.


14 Feb 2019

Victoria University of Wellington has published a study showing that elderly New Zealanders living in rentals had poorer health, compared with elderly home owners.

Professor Philippa Howden-Chapman says the new research added to growing awareness about the issue of elderly renters, which should be a wake-up call for policy makers.

Please read for more details